What’s With the Tree?

Dear Medallion Bank,

Everywhere I look, you are posting pictures of a tree. I find that strange and wonder if you have an emerging mania that you should speak to your doctor about?

Concerned Contractor

Like the correspondent above, you may have asked yourself what a home improvement lending program has to do with a random tree in a field?

Well, we didn’t just choose this image because it’s beautiful, light, and representative of the Northwest (where we operate). It’s evocative of something else—singularity, simplicity contrasted with complexity, and freedom. It’s refreshing.

We see ourselves as embodying this tree. There are many ways we stand out from the competition, but it really comes down to this: We’re a true lending partner. We are selective of the contractors with which we work, and we are proud of those relationships. They’re built on a high level of personal connection and communication. More importantly, our program is structured to help you build profits. What you see is what you get. This is no game of smoke and mirrors—we follow the business practices of mutual respect and profitability. It seems simple, but it isn’t. We can confidently say that we stand alone. Please talk to us today about joining the team!

Anything to add?

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