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  Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to continuous and complete improvement in all aspects of business (internal & external) and is essential for both business and customers; a strong TQM system needs both a methodological and people element. In order to achieve absolute quality control and smooth functionality, we need to continuously evaluate our business […]

Lies and statistics

You may recognize the title to this post as part of a famous quote popularized by Mark Twain. There are two key words missing from the quote, but this is a family friendly blog, so…. Let’s establish up front that I’m a big fan of marketing. Especially today, where marketing is truly data-driven and often plays […]

Something new and different: NASCAR!

One of the determiners of a bank’s structure and focus is its charter. Medallion Bank has what is called an industrial bank charter and that charter allows us to be owned by a non-bank (in our case Medallion Financial, a specialty finance company). Non-bank specialty finance companies, to nobody’s surprise, own lots of non-bank businesses. […]

2 Ways to Reward Loyal Customers this Holiday Season

Loyal customers are an advantage that everyone loves to have. They are an off-the-payroll group of advocates for the work that you do and the value you provide. As such, they deserve to be recognized and (sometimes) rewarded, regardless of the scale. If you are thinking about doing so, consider the following ways: Say Thank […]

Fulfilling Promises of Customer Experience

Every business makes promises like the “best burger in America” or the “#1 windows in the USA”. Here at Medallion Bank, we often run into buzz phrases like “quick fundings” or “fast approvals”. These promises are generic and difficult to prove with real evidence. Does “quick funding” mean within 24 hours? Are “fast approvals” decided […]

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing—What Works?

In the world of home improvement, advertising opportunities are endless. There are countless magazines, digital newsletters, online publications, sponsorships, social media platforms (Facebook, anyone?), and many more options if you’re willing to pay to play. But what if your budget is a little tighter, or what if traditional marketing/advertising hasn’t produced the best ROI for […]

What’s Your Specialty?

Finding your niche in a vast home improvement market is easier said than done. It requires experience above all else to determine what you do best—better than the rest of the competition. Once you have a solid understanding of your specialty in your market, consider how well you advertise it to potential customers. Maybe your […]

4 Steps to Get Started with Social Media

The future of business is social. Like it or not, Google has become your new business card. Online marketing and social media provide an opportunity that may vary from your current business plan, which can be uncomfortable. While it’s difficult to get started with a social media strategy for your business, it may be a […]

The Pros and Cons of Business Blogging

To some, businesses shouldn’t be blogging. It’s a waste of time, just like social media and other online marketing ventures. To others (like us), it’s a fantastic way to reach out to your audience and connect with them. As with most marketing decisions, there are pros and cons. It’s up to you to determine if […]

Social Media: It’s Time.

“Social Media is a waste of time.” Too many of us still question the value of social media. It takes too much time, effort, manpower, etc. that you don’t have. You don’t use it in your personal life, so why would you for your business? It’s fleeting, a fad, and won’t be around long-term. Most […]