Justin Haley, VP & General Manager

Justin Haley

Justin Haley is the Vice President & General Manager of Medallion Bank Home Improvement Lending, a division he founded in 2012.  He is responsible for the division’s strategy, including credit risk management, sales, marketing and operations.  He was previously the President of First Mutual Sales Finance, a home improvement lending subsidiary of Washington Federal.  He has provided the leadership for teams that have helped deliver millions of dollars in profits to contractors and other businesses nationally.

Mr Haley also served as the VP of Information Systems for First Mutual Bank in Bellevue, WA, directing IT activities for the bank and developing web tools for the B2B lines of business.

Justin has a BA in History and an MBA from the University of Washington and is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School.  He is an avid cyclist and occasional racer on the road and track.  He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and daughter.

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