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Interview with C Michael Exteriors, Part Two

C Michael Exteriors is a family-owned home improvement contracting business run by Bill and Cyndy Bergmann in Missouri. They have a long history in the industry and are dedicated to running their business the right way. Sarah (Marketing) and Tim (Sales) from Medallion Bank sat down with them to discuss their business history, their experience […]

The value of rest

Like many people at this time of year, I just returned from a vacation. It had been a year since I’d taken more than a long weekend away from home. Stay-cations, while useful in their own ways, don’t seem to have the same impact as a traditional hit-the-road trip to somewhere fun. Also, for the […]

Why We Are Blogging

It seems like everyone has a blog today.  So why did we decide to be part of the background noise of the Internet? We built our blog because we want to engage, educate, and entertain our current and future contractor customers.  We want to provide content of use and interest to employees at our contractor […]