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  Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to continuous and complete improvement in all aspects of business (internal & external) and is essential for both business and customers; a strong TQM system needs both a methodological and people element. In order to achieve absolute quality control and smooth functionality, we need to continuously evaluate our business […]


A contractor may only grow to a certain extent without using an external source of financing (ESF) due to limitations to their target market and prospects. Every now and again, I interact with a contractor that either does not use an ESF or has little to no experience working with a lender. I find that […]


Organizations evolve as they expand, and thus major changes emerge as you add more people and ideas to the organizational mix. Often, employees may resist change and any interference with routine can provoke a strong reaction. Big or small, changes in the workplace can be a crucial factor affecting employees’ satisfaction. Once a management decision […]

Customer Appreciation and Retention

We appreciate our customers’ business and loyalty. Although we spend a lot of time focused on developing and improving our business, our priority is always retaining our current customers through business practices that benefit them. It is imperative to a company’s success to have a sincere appreciation and retention program. In a recent study, 89% […]