Total Quality Management (TQM) refers to continuous and complete improvement in all aspects of business (internal & external) and is essential for both business and customers; a strong TQM system needs both a methodological and people element. In order to achieve absolute quality control and smooth functionality, we need to continuously evaluate our business practices to eliminate bottlenecks and operate efficiently.

There are various core elements of TQM conducive to achieving quality and productivity.  I will focus on three major elements of TQM:

Customer Centric

When we have a better understanding of customers’ needs and requirements, it can help assist a business to better organize their resources and improve customer satisfaction ratios. It is vital to pay attention to effectively measure customer satisfaction for continuous improvement. In a recent blog post, we wrote about our personalized customer service. It is of prime importance to us to have customer interactions across all touch points and moments of contact.  A customer’s experience while interacting with the company plays a distinctive part in that company’s advancement.

Endless Improvements

When an organization nurtures continual learning and training environment, it helps to achieve much greater results. Internal activities are what keep the business running; for steady work functionality, we should re-visit operational activities and make smart adjustments to eliminate redundant activities for greater efficiency and quality.

 Employee Empowerment

There are various ways to empower your employees. For instance, employees can be cross- trained and be working in teams to evaluate work and measure quality. This not only helps in improving the everyday work activities but also gives additional sense of responsibility.

Management can also play a vital role in empowering employees by using positive interactions to encourage them to perform better and boost productivity. A study revealed that more than 80 percent of employees believe that they are more motivated when their manager shows appreciation. Additionally, introducing an employee recognition system and creating a positive, fun work environment can inspire fresh changes and boost their motivation.

Anything to add?

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