Organizations evolve as they expand, and thus major changes emerge as you add more people and ideas to the organizational mix. Often, employees may resist change and any interference with routine can provoke a strong reaction. Big or small, changes in the workplace can be a crucial factor affecting employees’ satisfaction. Once a management decision is made, it is vital to begin the change-management process; employee assent and engagement is paramount to success.

Many organizations are now taking the path of modern leadership. Today, the effective use of power & authority depends on relationships, trust and engagement. It is important to make your employees part of the process and provide them support and guidance. This not only helps remove the barriers between employees and employers, but also makes people feel empowered to have an impact on the business.

Once the change has been accepted, it then needs to transition into continuous improvement. The focus needs to shift to doing the right work and eliminating any errors that might have occurred in the past. By maintaining the momentum of the continuous improvement process, management can set direction, motivate, and steer a company through this regeneration process.

Finally, once the change has been achieved, it can then be transformed into a cultural change, where it no longer seems new and becomes the mindset.

The process of change, at times, may seem gradual and lengthy; management not only needs to initiate and implement the change but also act as cheerleaders of the culture they hope to achieve. Change can be blissfully rewarding when managed efficiently.

How has your company successfully managed change?

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman

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