Gentlemen, start your engines


It’s been a month’s hiatus from the blog and Sarah and I have itchy typing fingers. Happy New Year! We expect to have a busy 2015. Not only will we grow substantially – thanks to our contractors – we will be starting and completing projects that should continue to improve our performance.

But what is the “performance” that we’re improving? In some cases, it is the typical performance you hear out of service-oriented companies. We will be updating our basic website in order to more clearly communicate what we do for contractors (home improvement) and dealers (our recreational lending business). Our current website has grown stale and it is time to upgrade to something more modern and easier to manage. Additionally, we are rebuilding our online loan application portal, improving on what we have and adding features to streamline how contractors work with us. We’re also putting some technology and statistical analysis to work in our underwriting engine, which should allow us to approve even more loans than we do today. There will be more written on this in future weeks, but the gist of it is that we’ll make ourselves and our contractors faster and more efficient.

All that said, much of what makes us who we are is captured in the interactions contractors have with our team. While we want to be consistent and stable for those who count on us, we are also focused on consistently improving. At the end of 2015, we don’t expect our contractors to be able to pinpoint what we adjusted, but we do expect them to think we’re better at working with them than we were in 2014. Improvement in this area of performance is most important to us.

By now some of you have already forgotten your question about the title of this post. It is not only a metaphor for a new year’s activities, it is an allusion to some marketing work we’ll be doing in coming months. The hint: NASCAR.

Anything to add?

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