2 Ways to Reward Loyal Customers this Holiday Season


Loyal customers are an advantage that everyone loves to have. They are an off-the-payroll group of advocates for the work that you do and the value you provide. As such, they deserve to be recognized and (sometimes) rewarded, regardless of the scale. If you are thinking about doing so, consider the following ways:

  1. Say Thank You

This seems simple enough, but so many companies fail to recognize when a customer deserves this gesture. Did they send you a referral, like a family member or neighbor? Did they return for repeat business? Take a few minutes, write a personal thank-you note, and show your appreciation.

  1. Use the Holidays

Holiday season is a natural time to reward your customers, and it’s a great marketing opportunity to keep you front-of-mind. Remember: the best marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing. Don’t give your customer a pen with your company name on it. Do something genuine. Shovel snow for your elderly customers. Deliver treats from a local bakery. Rake leaves for a busy family. Do things that humanize your business while providing real value to your loyal customers.

Although the holidays are a natural time to give, saying thank you and doing nice things for customers should happen all year round. You don’t have to give steep discounts or spend a ton of money—just make genuine, kind gestures to people and encourage your team to do the same.

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