Monthly Archives: June 2014

Will we all have boomerangs someday?

A few days ago, Adam Davidson penned an article for the New York Times called It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave.  The article is worth reading as it covers in detail something I’m seeing with family and friends; kids don’t leave home at 18 anymore (or 25, or sometimes even 30).  If widespread, this […]

Fulfilling Promises of Customer Experience

Every business makes promises like the “best burger in America” or the “#1 windows in the USA”. Here at Medallion Bank, we often run into buzz phrases like “quick fundings” or “fast approvals”. These promises are generic and difficult to prove with real evidence. Does “quick funding” mean within 24 hours? Are “fast approvals” decided […]

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing—What Works?

In the world of home improvement, advertising opportunities are endless. There are countless magazines, digital newsletters, online publications, sponsorships, social media platforms (Facebook, anyone?), and many more options if you’re willing to pay to play. But what if your budget is a little tighter, or what if traditional marketing/advertising hasn’t produced the best ROI for […]

Interview with Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries

Recently, we sat down with Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries/Classic Metal Roofing, to discuss the manufacturing side of the Home Improvement industry. Isaiah Industries manufacturers metal roofing products and works with contractors nationwide. They stand as an example of an honest, successful business built on American-made products. MB:     Todd, can you tell us […]