Monthly Archives: May 2014

Success is in the details

Reading a lot has become one of my most treasured habits.  Whereas it was once only books and newspapers, today I read books, magazines, blogs, online news, whitepapers, emails, etc.  There is an unbelievable amount of valuable content published today – and a lot of garbage, too.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference! When I […]

Compliance can be fun, we promise

Guest post by Michael DeCarlo, Chief Compliance Officer at Medallion Bank One does not typically combine compliance with mountain biking in the rain and mud.  Compliance is typically something that none but a few compliance officers think of as a “fun time”. There are so many new regulations in banking coming out, it’s hard to keep up […]

Home Improvement Industry Forecasts for 2014

Now that we’re past the first quarter of 2014, numbers and predictions for the rest of the year are aplenty. I’m sure you’ve heard general optimism for 2014 as a whole. In early May, Metrostudy released their latest Residential Remodeling Index (“RRI”) for the first quarter of 2014. The RRI is used to “provide the […]

Interview with Diana Blood, Finance Manager for Statewide Remodeling

Recently, we sat down with Diana Blood, finance manager at Statewide Remodeling, to discuss a variety of industry issues. Diana speaks about her role in building a successful, profitable business. MB: Diana, thank you for meeting with us. Can you share how long you’ve been a Home Improvement finance manager and what kind of changes […]

Handling rapid growth

Nearly every time I write the word “rapid”, I spell it “rabid” first.  Not sure whether that’s a subconscious slip or just muscle memory, but I paused for a minute writing the title because “rabid” might be a better word in this context. How does a company, particularly a newer business, deal with rapid growth? […]

CFPB Update: BMO Harris Bank switches to flat fee participation

With the CFPB pushing to change the dealer income model in the auto industry, it seemed inevitable that lenders would adjust.  The question was who would get the ball rolling?  The answer: BMO Harris Bank.  (For previous discussions of the fight between the CFPB and the auto industry, see all the links here.) As reported […]