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Origination for sale vs. portfolio

Can it be said there is a best lender structure in a given marketplace? For example, is there an inherent advantage or superiority to the loans originated for sale model versus loans originated for portfolio?  As a contractor, should you care which model your lender uses? Originating loans to hold in portfolio is the traditional […]

4 Ways to Inspire a “Learning Culture” in your Business

Recently, I read an article on Google+ that made me do a double-take. The author of this article uses the words of Satya Nadella (you know, that guy who’s now in charge of Microsoft) and his own experience as a CEO to draw up tactics to create a culture of learning in a company. As […]

What is the price or cost of easy?

Guest Post by Tim Thiel, Account Executive–North Region   If all outcomes are the same then easiest is best. But if the outcomes are different, what is the price you are willing to pay for easy? Fifteen years ago, a typical home improvement salesman left a house with not just a credit application but a […]

Sales strength: the role of conviction

In the last post on sales strength, I asserted that strong salespeople project a confidence supported by expertise.  There isn’t anything unusual in that claim.  Who doesn’t believe that expertise breeds sales confidence? But there’s a second important form of product confidence: conviction.  The strong salesperson has the conviction – the steadfast belief – that their product […]

Sales strength: confidence needed

When you walk into a room full of salespeople, what do you smell?  (Besides the level of cleanliness, which is roughly proportional to the sales ticket size.) Fear. Along with being loquacious, assertive, and energetic, a surprising number of salespeople are afraid.  This fear manifests itself in subtle ways.  While on the surface the salesperson is confident, […]

Contractor Optimism Trends in 2014

According to a recent 2014 Contractor Behavior survey by L.E.K. Consulting, contractors are becoming more optimistic about the growth of their business. Their survey of 550 residential and commercial contractors revealed three changes in behavior, all of which we will explore in greater detail. “First, they are becoming more aggressive during pricing negotiations and are […]