Monthly Archives: September 2013

Easier isn’t always Better

When I was studying for my MBA, my favorite courses were in economics.  On the first day of one class, the professor wandered in with a stack of newspapers.  Each paper contained an article that he’d selected for the sole purpose of reading aloud and then demolishing its argument.  The exercise wasn’t to convince us […]

Baby Boomers & the Home Improvement Industry—Young Buyers

As you’ve probably already noticed, baby boomers are starting to retire. As this comes to fruition they often: Move and sell their property, OR Stay but undergo remodel/repair Let’s focus on Option 1. Because older sellers tend to occupy their homes for a longer period of time, when they are ready to sell, their older, […]

Nobody “Likes” Compliance

If the world were Facebook, nobody would “like” regulatory compliance.  It is one of those costs of doing business that most prefer to spend as little time as possible thinking about.  Kind of like keeping stocked up on kitchen supplies. What makes regulatory compliance so unpopular isn’t just the burden and complexity.  It’s that it […]

Simple Ways to Increase Local Visibility

Nobody looks forward to spending excessive time, money, and energy on online visibility, least of all me. There has to be a simple, introductory way to reach customers—and there IS! It’s not a huge secret that the way to reach people on the local level has changed. Regardless of the item, service, or individual, consumers […]

Marketing Analytics for Your Website

This is the first of a 4-part series on how to use introductory marketing analytics, specifically through Google Analytics (FREE!!!!!). While there are numerous benefits of measuring inbound marketing, try and focus on what’s working and what’s not, and how to improve. Analytics, when used properly, should help you to make intelligent, calculated decisions on […]

Why We Are Blogging

It seems like everyone has a blog today.  So why did we decide to be part of the background noise of the Internet? We built our blog because we want to engage, educate, and entertain our current and future contractor customers.  We want to provide content of use and interest to employees at our contractor […]